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Arizona’s summers are often unbearable due to temperatures consistently above 110 degrees. To beat the heat, many Arizonans will find a pool to jump in or head to a local lake to enjoy the cooler water and wind as they drive their boats.

For most Arizonans, a day at the lake is relaxing and fun, but just as a congested highway causes car accidents, congested lakes lead to boating accidents and drownings when boat drivers are careless or intoxicated. According to the most recent United States Coast Guard report on boating accidents, Arizona had just under 100 serious boat accidents that resulted in 7 deaths and many serious, life-changing, injuries.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a boat accident in Arizona, call Mesa boating accident attorney Jared Everton today to schedule an appointment with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Boat Accidents in Mesa, Arizona

The following are the most common types of boating accidents that occur in Arizona each year:

  • Drowning: All occupants on a boat are required to wear a lifejacket in the event they fall from the boat or if it were to capsize. The boat owner is liable if one of their passengers does not have a lifejacket on and drowned.
  • OUI (Operating Under the Influence): Operating under the influence is the boating version of a DUI as it is illegal to drink and drive a boat in Arizona. If a boat driver causes an accident while under the influence, they will be charged with OUI and are liable for any damages and injuries they caused.
  • Collisions: When two vessels collide, the impact is similar to that of a car accident, however, boats lack the common safety measures that most cars have and this leads to serious injuries and drownings.All boats and vessels on the water have strict state guidelines they must adhere to and if a boat owner fails to maintain their boat and safety equipment such as having required markings/lights, or if they are not in working order the driver is at fault for an accident and any injuries sustained.
  • Wake-related Accidents: The wake created by a vessel is the wave that is created as the boat is propelled forward and the faster a boat goes the larger the wake. Certain areas of lakes and rivers are designated “no-wake zones” and if too much wake is created other boats as well as swimmers can be injured or killed due to the large waves.

Compensation for Boat Accidents Victims in Mesa, Arizona

If you have been injured in a boating accident, you are eligible for compensation to cover the damages. When seeking compensation for an accident, a veteran personal injury attorney will look at the “damages” involved in your accident and use them to determine how much money you deserve.

When calculating damages in a personal injury case, the losses suffered by the injured party will be taken into consideration and these are called damages. Damages in a personal injury case include the medical expenses to treat any injuries, the total cost to replace or fix any damaged property, wages lost due to time away from work and personal pain and suffering.

The following are common forms of damages you may be entitled to if you were in a boating accident in Arizona:

  • Medical Expenses: The boat driver as well as even the owner of the boat are liable for the medical expenses of those they injured.
  • Lost Income: If you suffered a serious injury, you may have to take time off from work to recover and this means you will lose income. The boat driver who injured you may be required pay for your lost wages.
  • Property Damage: Like cars, boats are an expensive investment and repairs will not be cheap. If your property has been damaged in a boating accident, the other boat driver is financially responsible for the damage.
  • Pain and Suffering: Following an accident, you may experience continuous physical pain and mental pain in the form of depression, anxiety or PTSD.
  • Punitive Damages: If the actions of the boat driver who caused the accident were extremely reckless and showed obvious disregard for the safety of others, a punitive damage may be awarded to you as a way of further penalizing the other boat driver and discouraging their actions from happening again.

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